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Wrong-Way-Again Story

Funny (to me at least) subway experience on my way home last night: I switched from the G to the A at Hoyt-Schemerhorn. Noticing the interestingly-dressed girl across from me who has her nose buried in (not kidding) “Materialist” magazine, I pull out my sketchbook to see if I can do a quick drawing of […]

More Figure Drawings

These are a bit old, but I have a lot more coming.  I’ve decided to just start copy-stand photographing a bunch of drawings rather than scanning to speed up getting them online.  If there is something I’m truly in love with, I’ll go back to rescan them.

Drawings for Food and Science

(One thing.) This is really old news, but I never posted about it. Last year I won a book for my drawing of a robot performing Hamlet at a Kickstarter party for The Secret Science Club. Secret Science Club is a lecture series held at the Bell House in Gowanus, Brooklyn. It’s really fun and […]

Some old sketchbook drawings.

I scanned this batch a while ago and was struggling with making the scans look good. A lot of these are drawn on truly crap paper are badly warped and/or have text photocopied on the back of the page. I struggled with making them look good enough to show.  Most of them were drawn back […]