Drawings for Food and Science

(One thing.)
This is really old news, but I never posted about it. Last year I won a book for my drawing of a robot performing Hamlet at a Kickstarter party for The Secret Science Club. Secret Science Club is a lecture series held at the Bell House in Gowanus, Brooklyn. It’s really fun and interesting if you like science and beer (and can stand crowds).

The next Science Club lecture is tomorrow and looks like a really good one.

(Another thing.)
Last Friday I did drawings for a charity called Will Draw for Food. It was so much fun! People that made a donation received a drawing of their favorite foods. My friend Matt works for OrangeYouGlad, the graphic design agency that organized the event. All proceeds went to NYC Food Bank

Foodie Mia Ricci wrote me the nicest letter complimenting the drawing I did for her! I wish all my drawings for Will Draw for Food could have been as good as her soup dumplings and whiskey.

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3 Responses to Drawings for Food and Science

  1. Pam's Mom says:

    Love the concept, and especially loved your dumplings and whiskey.

    • AmericanAstronaut says:

      Thanks Suzanne! Do you and Andrew have a blog to show off *your* food? I can’t help but think about what will be on your table on Thanksgiving! I might even make a Parker-inspired dish for Thanksgiving in Laurelton.

      Your fan,

      • Pam's Mom says:

        No blog. But why would you want to see my blog when you’re on intimate terms with the real thing? Maybe we’ll be feeding you on Chanukmas. You know that Pam’s coming to town? So we all better watch out.

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