Some old sketchbook drawings.

I scanned this batch a while ago and was struggling with making the scans look good. A lot of these are drawn on truly crap paper are badly warped and/or have text photocopied on the back of the page. I struggled with making them look good enough to show.  Most of them were drawn back in 2009, at 3rd Ward’s Drink’n’Draw.  I’ve been going to draw there almost every week since the spring of 2009!

Figure Drawing

This particular girl I found to be so attractive that I had a hard time drawing her:Figure Drawing

Figure Drawing


Does the blank spot on her butt bother you? There was something in the way that I didn’t want to draw and found that I mentally filled the space in like a blind spot.:Figure Drawing

This guy was actually the boyfriend of the girl that organized this particular sketch thing and was a last-minute sub for the scheduled model. Hence, the boxers:Thaddeus

Figure Drawing

Figure Drawing

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2 Responses to Some old sketchbook drawings.

  1. Tuesday May Thomas says:

    These are beautiful Aaron! I look forward to more art from you..lots of love xo

  2. Marissa says:

    A-Ronnn !! Can’t wait to see the new stuff up 🙂 Benny’s Thai ???

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